DocDream is a platform-based set of computer programs and web applications developed for managing the complete cycle of healthcare related services for both providers and patients. The major elements of our platform include:

  • Practice management software (PMS)
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
  • Providers search and doctor appointment scheduling
  • Healthcare related information portal
  • External Electronic Health Records
  • Data exchange between providers and third parties, referrals
  • Online billing and payments


Our vision - comprehensive IT platform

We are building a comprehensive healthcare information technology platform – a combination of software, hardware, and service solutions allowing to seamlessly manage the complete cycle of healthcare services. Our ultimate aim is to command both patients and providers engagement throughout the process of seeking, and providing healthcare and related services.  


Versatility. DocDream and each of its elements can be easily adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

Inclusiveness. DocDream platform is created to easily accommodate third-party hardware and software to create the best service solutions for the customers

Innovation. Constantly evolving and adding new elements to be on the top of healthcare IT offerings.